The Golden Flesh

by Liance

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This is an EP about leaving.

Official music video for Aquarium Punk Sinker:

Official music video for Ellie Takes a Bath:


released June 30, 2016

All songs mixed and recorded by James J Li
Mastered by Johnson Cochran
Album art by Anna Li (
Ellie Takes a Bath Remix by Andrew Oda (

Vocals, guitar, bass, Juno, Korg - James J Li
Drums on Tracks 1 and 4 - Miles Coleman
Drums on Tracks 2 and 3 - Ian Chang
Saxophone on Tracks 1, 2, and 3 - Tyler Luce
Backing vocals - Jared Haverdink, Katrina Haaksma, Zach Vander Wiele, Daniel Hickey, Johnson Cochran, Matty Hagger, Ale Crevier, Joshua Nederhood

Sample on Track 2 taken from a Cincinnati radio station while driving to a Sufjan concert on November 13, 2015. This was the night of the Paris attacks, and the release date of Bronze Age.

Special thanks to: The Casserole House for letting me take a room and letting me use your basement, Johnson for letting me use your equipment + additional drum mixing and mastering, Miles for lending me your Juno and Pocket Piano and recording drums late at night when you were very tired, Cam for helping me record drums and use your basement, Tyler Luce for once again playing sax, Ian Chang for your loops and and buying me $500 HKD of sushi on New Year's Day, the DAAC for hosting the release show, the neighbor's three-day quinceanera for bleeding into my guitar tracks, Westside Iron & Metal for always waking me up at the right time, Steve Ross for your ceaseless encouragement, and everyone who's paid-it-forward at Bartertown.



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Track Name: Off-Brand Almond Milk
Wake up in the pale glow of computer screen
walk the warm November afternoon
smash in the TV with a tennis shoe
while Jenny takes a bath and hey that’s okay too

Walk to Michael’s house check out the show
drink off-brand almond milk lying on the porch
and kids on the block cycle round and round
and the kids next door watch and smoke their pot

and the punk girl at CVS gives me my drugs
(she’s in charge of titration she lives her own arc)
and the man with the Bush/Cheney 2000 sign
flips me off at the stop but I really don’t mind

cos it’s only life
you do it all the time
Track Name: Ellie Takes a Bath
you were under the weather this time last December
driving to your parents’ house
the night was turning blue, we were listening to Sun Kil Moon
before your face turned out
when the first set ends all are saved
the kids mean well but they still
stub their cigs out in your eyes
before I slip into that television blue

Can I trust you?
Can I want you?

sometimes I feel it like the chain of a bike
wrapped around my index finger
but tonight I’ll try to stay alive so I can sleep by your side
and not worry about the government
I woke up on a coliseum night
from a dream that my hand sunk into my face
and like Ezra Pound’s broken raft
my bed was wet with residue

Can I trust you?
Can I want you?
Track Name: Phlebas
Phlebus don’t go
everyone knows
you’ve still got that light in your blood
so handsome and tall

and the Death House is hosting
an exorcist rock show and I
saw your body melting there:
demon in a black raincoat
and your dancing friends will gather around
hold up their ruined guitars
they’ll take selfies with the Mayor
and sing “la la la, la la”

I saw you there
for Death

Phlebus don’t go
down that deep sea squall
You’ve spent some time at the wheel
but you’ve still got a home
Track Name: Aquarium Punk Sinker
Aquarium punk sinker
liberal arts thinker
I’ll never be famous in America
Vacuous capitalist
new age romantic
I was there when the crowd saw God
My dreams try to kill me
wake up screaming
divine silence and the Great Divorce
She had you arrested
unspoken detention
21 years old, ready for the work force

Social conservative
senate elective
the cops hit hard on the tenth street wall
I know that it’s over
permanently sober
embrace the will of the bathroom floor
Politically liberal
Grace Park Cathedral
I’m pretty sure we’ve been here before
College graduate
already so over it
grab the keys and walk out the door

You can leave the city, there are no borders anymore
but just stay here one more night we’ve got your favorite song on
and your favorite drinks and TV shows
we’ve made you a bed and we’ll hang out for weeks
and we’ll hate each other and knock out our teeth
with bottle rockets and kitchen knives and
dance all night in the living room where
we’ll cry and we'll sing to our favorite tracks
and fly out of windows and break our necks
like poorly postured angels singing:

You’ll never be alone again:
we are your friends